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Afrocentrism Versus Eurocentrism Essay examples - 4480 Words

Afrocentrism vs. Eurocentrism | Afrocentrism and Eurocentrism differ in many ways, and have help to advance the cause of both Africans and Europeans throughout history. Some would argue that had it not been for Eurocentrism Afrocentrism would never have existed, and in a sense the former is responsible for the creation of the latter. The manner in which both ethnocentric ideas view the world are totally different from one another but they are alike in the sense that they strive to place each of their ideals at the center. There is a long storied past associated with these two ideologies as well as a difference in opinion between and among the two. Afrocentrism seeks to teach a worldview that highlights the contributions of African†¦show more content†¦They practice barbaric customs toward women, such as female genital mutilation (North Africa), widow-burning (sati, India) or foot-binding (China). Non-European societies are inflexible and unchanging. Some European thinkers have attributed this lack of change to topography or climate, for instance extreme dependence on a major river, such as the Nile or the Yellow River, or extreme heat or dryness. Non-European societies are poor, backward, and underdeveloped, as opposed to the industrialized, progressive, and rich West. Non-European societies lack rational modes of thinking and scientific approaches (Ancient African Writing Systems and Knowledge ). This Eurocentric thinking through colonialism and imperialism has affected the rest of the world a great deal. Those who were born and raised in a society where Eurocentrism dominates are raised to believe that the West is superior to the rest of the world, and that Caucasians are superior to everyone and everything. When looking at and studying the history of different societies across the world where Eurocentrism has spread, one can clearly see how different that society has become since the influx of Eurocentric thought and practices. In many instances such as countries in Africa these societies do not profit from their natural resources but instead Europeans and/or the West collect most of the profits and use these natural resources in order to benefit them and their societies. In a

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The Rwandan Genocide - 899 Words

In today’s world, it is of the utmost importance to learn from mistakes of the past. Certain events, especially tragedies that could have been avoided, hold within them the lessons and wisdom that should be used to prevent similar disasters. The 1994 Rwandan genocide resulted in over 800, 000 deaths of the Tutsi people, at the hands of the Hutu; the genocide, and the international response to it, is a lesson about the humanitarian responsibilities, successes, and shortcomings of the United Nations. The events leading up to the Rwandan genocide began decades earlier. There has been a long history of â€Å"ethnic† tensions, though it is really a matter of social class. The classification began with the German and Belgian colonizers in the early†¦show more content†¦It is estimated that 200,000 Hutus participated in the brutal massacre. (Genocide in Rwanda) Along with Tutsis, many moderate Hutus were also killed. Any Hutus who attempted to assist or protect Tutsis were also murdered. The international response to the crisis was more of an international denial. The United Nations withdrew their troops from Rwanda, leaving innocent civilians defenseless against the Hutu soldiers. (Genocide in the 20th Century: Rwanda 1994). After ten United Nations soldiers were killed, the United Nations made the decision to pull their troops from the country. By the end of April 1994, only 200 United Nations soldiers remained in Rwanda (Genocide in the 20th Century: Rwanda 1994). The remaining soldiers were given no orders to intervene, and often watched as innocent Tutsis were killed. (Genocide in the 20th Century: Rwanda 1994) In the United States, officials were banned from using the word â€Å"genocide†, as that would require immediate action and intervention. In 2004, reports were released showing that U.S. senior officials identified the situation in Rwanda as genocide within the first sixteen days. These documents, from May 1994, said, â€Å"Be careful, ‘genocide’ finding could commit the U.S. government to actually do something.† (Welsh) These reports prove that President Clinton and his officials were, in fact, aware of the â€Å"final solution to eliminate all Tutsis†. Unlike previous genocides around the world,Show MoreRelatedThe Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide Essay1711 Words   |  7 PagesThe Rwandan Genocide took place in 1994 and involved members of the Hutu mass killing Tutsi and Tutsi sympathizers who were Hutu. The genocide resulted in the deaths of around 800,000 people, majority Tutsi. The separation of classes came from Belgian internationals creating the two ethnic classes and giving power to the Tutsi who were taller and had lighter skin, and generally appeared more European. In response to this, after the country gained independence from Belgium, Hutu extremists gatheredRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide1654 Words   |  7 PagesMiranda Shearer Mrs. Sohal/ Mrs. Love Period 3 17 October 2014 The Rwandan Genocide A genocide is defined as the deliberate killing of a group of people, especially of a certain ethnicity. By that definition and almost any other a dictionary could define, the killing of the Tutsis was certainly a genocide.The Rwandan Genocide occurred in 1994, in an African country called Rwanda. A long history of building friction between the Hutus and the Tutsis undeniably caused the mass murder of over 800,000Read MoreThe Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide1421 Words   |  6 PagesThe Rwanda Genocide was an unfortunate case where thousands of deaths could have been prevented, but because of irresponsibility and selfishness of global governments’ innocent lives were lost. The Genocide began on April 6, 1994 and was, â€Å"initiated by the Hutu political elite and extremists and its military support, their prime targets were the Tutsi, as well as Hutu moderates.† (Hain 2) The Hutu made up majority of the population and government officials and enforced a government-ass isted militaryRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide Essay959 Words   |  4 PagesThe problems of today can often be traced in the beginnings of yesterday. The Rwandan Genocide was a divisive division of two groups that culminated in the mass murder of nearly 500,000 Rwandans, three-fourths of the population. The tactful subterfuge by the ruling party fueled the separation of two ethnic groups that reminisce the events in Europe 55 years earlier. Naturally, the question becomes, how? Simply speaking it was the indifference of global elites and political demagoguery that incitedRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide866 Words   |  4 PagesThe Rwandan genocide occurred during the period of April to July of 1994. This genocide was as a result of the Hutu ethnic majority slaughtering the Tutsi minority. During this period as much as 800,000 Tutsis were killed. The genocide was started by Hutu extremists in the capital of Kigali and the genocide soon spread across the country. Despi te all of this there were several survivors of the genocide. Immaculee Ilibagiza is one of those people. Immaculee Ilibagiza was born in 1972. She is theRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide1335 Words   |  5 PagesRwanda is a country made up of a population with three ethnic communities, the two main communities, the Hutu and Tutsi and an additional community of Twa (or pygmies) who all spoke the same language, Kinyarwanda or Rwandan (Clapham, 1998). There is a stereotype of appearance attributed to these two main communities, with Tutsi being seen as tall and having an aquiline shaped nose, and the Hutu as being short and flat-nosed (Clapham, 1998). In the pre-colonial state of Rwanda, it was the TutsisRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide2458 Words   |  10 PagesGenocide has been plaguing the world for hundreds of years. Millions of innocent lives have been taken all for the sake of prejudice. One of the most atrocious aspects of genocide is that a large percentage of them are sponsored by the state in which they are taking place. Over the years scholars have studied just wha t motivates a state to engage in such awful behavior. What motivates them? Why would they do such horrendous things to their own citizens? Is it solely for some economic incentive, orRead MoreThe Genocide Of The Rwandan Genocide Essay2042 Words   |  9 Pagespeople that commit genocide; we are all capable of it. It’s our evolutionary history† (James Lovelock). According to the Oxford dictionary, genocide is defined as â€Å"the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.† Although it may be hard to believe, genocides have occurred all over the world and all throughout time. There have been well documented genocides such as the Holocaust. Additionally, there have also been genocides that have barelyRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide1188 Words   |  5 PagesRwandan Genocide The Rwandan Genocide began on April 6, 1994 and lasted for about 100 days (History). The two groups involved, the Hutus and Tutsis, were in a massive conflict after their president was killed. The Hutus brutally killed about 800,000 Tutsis and supporters. This tragic genocide was not stopped by other countries during its peak, leaving the world wondering why. As we commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide, it is important to be informed about the tragedy. The wayRead MoreThe Rwandan Genocide And The Genocide1637 Words   |  7 PagesWith over eight hundred thousand to one million deaths, the Rwandan genocide is undoubtedly one of the most sad and shocking examples of the lack of intervention by not only the US and the UN, but by other countries as well. The ongoing tensions between the Hutu, the largest population in Rwanda, and the Tutsi, the smaller and more elite population is what eventually lead to the Rwandan genocide. The killings began quickly after President Habyarimana s plane was shot down. After hundreds of thousands

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A.M Cassandre - 1184 Words

ï ¿ ¼ The intention of this essay is to discuss an example of design from the early 1900’s. The design I am currently looking at is a poster called ‘Bugatti’ designed in 1925 by a graphic designer and typographer, A.M. Cassandre. His real name is Adolph Mouron, born on 1901 in Ukraine to French parents. He believed that â€Å"Designing a poster means solving a technical and commercial a language that can be understood by the common man. As a young man, Cassandre moved to Paris where he studied fine art at the École des Beaux-Arts and at the Acadà ©mie Julian .The popularity of posters as advertising gave him an opportunity to work for a Parisian printing house. Aldolphe began his career with poster making which†¦show more content†¦The first thing that attracted my eye was the horse, then the wheel. Nevertheless, I still like the fact that the horse stands out in this image. The tone in this image is mostly dark, except the inner lines of the wheel which is brilliant white, I think that after the horse attracting the human eye first; the colour of the wheel draws you’re eye to it and makes you look at it for longer and keeps the viewer intrigued. The artist used an interesting type font in this poster, however I do not think he designed this font himself. The typography he used integrates with the design. He designed quite a few different typefaces of his own, two of them are very popular. ‘Bifur’ is a font with very bold capitals and is the only typeface with a distinct Bauhaus look. His more famous typeface is ‘Peignot Light‘, which is named after Charles Peignot who commissioned both ty pefaces and was a major promoter of innovation in typography. Personally, I think that the type of font he used for ‘Bugatti’ suits the design itself very well. I think that this poster done the job it was designed for perfectly and complements the smooth texture of the design. On the whole, I think Cassandra’s design is very creative, it is magnetic and an alternative design which is a pleasure to look at. His use of creativity and imagination draws me to the poster and I really like it. IShow MoreRelatedPaul Rand: Father Of Modern Graphic Design Essay1794 Words   |  8 Pagesthe New York Public Library where the young Rand educated himself by exploring the stacks of art books. He also credited Gebrausgraphik, the German advertising arts magazine, and Commercial Art, the British counterpart, for introducing him to A.M. Cassandre, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and the Bauhaus (Pioneers). In the early 1930s, Rand got a part-time job doing stock graphics for a syndicate that supplied maps, advertising cuts, and lettering to newspapers and magazines. He also enrolled in Georg GroszsRead MorePaul Rand: Father of Modern Graphic Design Essay1820 Words   |  8 Pagesthe New York Public Library where the young Rand educated himself by exploring the stacks of art books. He also credited Gebrausgraphik, the German advertising arts magazine, and Commercial Art, the British counterpart, for introducing him to A.M. Cassandre, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, and the Bauhaus (Pioneers). In the early 1930s, Rand got a part-time job doing stock graphics for a syndicate that supplied maps, advertising cuts, and lettering to newspapers and magazines. He also enrolled in Georg GroszsRead MoreLe Corbusiers Interwar Housing Architecture1970 Words   |  8 PagesArabe, â€Å"in reference to the unfolding spaces and shifting view points typical of North African architecture† this concept is also derived from the vast open spaces seen on cruise ship promenades, which Corbusier was also fond of, shown in the A.M. Cassandre (images 11-12) like stream lined forms of the Villa Savoye’s roof top Solarium walls, sky lights and machinery. All of the rich amenities and designs of the Villa Savoye certainly echo with all of Corubiser’s purist ideals, and it is often called

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Case Study Of Strategic Hiring- A Case Of Emirate Airlines Cabin Crew

Question: Discuss about the Case Study Of Strategic Hiring- A Case Of Emirate Airlines Cabin Crew Recruitment. Answer: Introduction Emirate is a luxury airline based in Dubai. It is known for its extravagance and graciousness in treating its customers across the world. It flies to over 150 destinations in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, New Zealand and the Middle East (Emirates, 2018). The report is based on the presented case study of Strategic hiring- A case of emirate airlines cabin crew recruitment. It will highlight various discussions supporting emirates talent philosophy where the recruitment drive of Emirate is highly professional in managing the situations and extracting effective people out of various candidates. The emirates recruitment strategies were aligned according to the short availability of time, in additional several challenges were faced by the recruiting team which was overcome by them. However, this relatively enabled them to achieve success by selecting the appropriate and best candidates. The report also highlights recommendation and assessment tools to assess value inventory. Discussion Emirates talent philosophy depended on its recruitment team which performed outstandingly. It handled the critical situations where working continuously three days to recruit over 1650 candidates was an immense contribution. The team members were only 15 that need to handle such crowd. The sudden situation they faced where the recruiting team focused not to disregard the companys status and the value of the shortlisted candidates and the open candidates which might affect the future reputation of the company. The recruitment team also designed the schedule to interview all the candidates in a short span of time and achieve the goal to hire the most appropriate crew for board. After such long and difficult interview session only 45 of the suitable candidates were selected. The Emirates scheduled its recruitment process in two specific categories which were presented to the candidates as open days interview and days by interview where it enabled the candidates to forward their resume through online to the company. The other open interview widens the recruitment process to all the candidates as a simple walk in interview. After the screening process the candidates will be hired on the basis of their quality perspective shown while in the interview. However, in the last moment where only 200 candidates were invited it was seen that more 1450 candidates were extra who came up to give an interview. This condition was later accepted by the recruitment drive to interview the whole crowd of candidates freshly. The recruitment team during its planned process of hiring which later extended to a bit difficult task to arrange the hiring process for a vast number of candidates over both open and invitation recruitment option. The initial challenge that was faced by the recruitment drive was invitation of the candidates which were sorted from the online recruitment process. In brief the invited candidates were the selected candidates from the first round of interview after viewing the resumes of all the individual candidate which were to be taken with the second interview in the hotel lobby of the place. The situation became awkward when along with the 200 invited candidates; more 1400 candidates joined the interview process. On top of these huge figuring candidates the time that was allotted by the recruitment team to interview the rest 200 invited candidates was only limited to 1 day which was further extended to extra 2 more days. Still it was seen as one of the biggest challenge by the team as rounding up to 1650 candidates that were to be interviewed by 15 members of the recruitment drive in 3 days. Human resource team is known to evaluate, manage and do the best for the organization keeping in mind the cost effectiveness but in the case of Emirate the turning of the plans into quick actions to respect both the company and candidates value in recruiting process. The extension of the banquet hall of the hotel to interview all the candidates in 3 continuous days made the process costly. It also results in the problem in the accommodation of all the team members as it was planned to stay in Bucharest for 1 day. A further challenge that was waiting for the recruitment drive to be answerable during the recruitment process was being questioned by the candidates on the modification of the selection process. After the modification done by the recruitment drive, the initial step that should be taken by the recruiting team was to manage firmly the invited candidates as they had to face the major challenge as they again had to fight for the selection in Emirate which mean again they had to give their interview from the beginning to achieve their dream to work with Emirate boards. For this purpose the recruitment head Krishna arranged the manger of the hotel to offer tea/coffee to the candidate with local snacks made by their chef in two snack time specifically at first at 11 am and the other at 4:30 pm. The Emirate handled to provide the candidates with the souvenir to retain the interest of the candidates and select the effective one among them. Then it needs to be decided that while in the interview period the self introduction of the Emirate to each of the interviewee will consume more time instead of at first interacting with all the interviewee. This will cut the time being wasted in the interview process ad rather using it for the effective short listing the employees required with suitable skills from the ocean of candidates. Assessment tools: In order to assess the candidates other significant value inventories there can be some suggested tools that the Emirates can use:- Grooming checking: This can be an important factor while in the profession of air hostess as they always need to look fit and perfect. The customers look to be welcomed by the attendants in the flight in an ethical and respectful manner in the same way the customer would like to be welcomed by a hostess who looks presentable and chic. Therefore, during an interview the overall presentable a candidate can represent in front of the interviewer is an observable factor. The more the person is presentable it will make the customer perceive things in an extravagance manner (Eklund, 2016). Small focus group interview: this is a type of interview that will engage a minimum number of candidates to be formed in a group and taken together for the interview process. This method is useful as it will help to recognize that to what extent the candidate is capable of standing and presenting own self in from of hundreds of customers. While taking such interview the interviewer can relocate the behavior of the other candidates sitting idle in the group interview process. It will show the skill regarding their attention, consciousness, alertness and body gestures that will be necessary when they will be hired for boarding. Scenario case interview: This is another type of interview where it can be observed that how much the candidate is depended on his skill and capability of handling a situation which might raise concerning the unplanned situation. In the interview the candidate can be offered a set of case studies where they need to pick one and quickly give their opinion and the action that can be implemented in the scene to manage the situation. It will give a quick understanding of the problem solving skill of the candidate. Recommendation to access value inventory: Professionalism- This factor needs to be evaluated at the initial stage of interview where the question to the candidate can be thrown as how did he come to know about Emirate? did the candidate had enough knowledge regarding the background of Emirate and the market new related to it and other factors that show the skill of the candidate with respect to professionalism. Emotional Quotient- The emotional quotient of individual can be different and can affect the attitude in the workplace. It is believed that higher emotional intelligence will result in high job performance. During interview asking the question relating to emotional intelligence can show the personal skill of developing strategies to overcome consequences. Cosmopolitan Outlook- the cosmopolitan outlook refers to people who are committed to variedness in their nature with the mixture of culture and different lifestyles that will help in the engagement of interacting and coping up with people in the flight. Cultural Assimilation- another essential value that drives the profession of the air hostess, as in the aviation industry it is important to be flexible in terms of travelling throughout the world with the flights schedule which requires cultural absorption skill to manipulate the needs and requirement accordingly. It also includes encountering people with variable mood such as anger, frustration and even cultural interfaces. Appreciation for diversity- During the interview this factor can be evaluated by framing questions as to get a quick answer on the diversity perspective of the individual. Aviation industry consist of operations where meeting new people from different cultural perspective is an everyday task. Conflict resolution skills- this skill again focuses on the solving of analytical skill that needs to be solved by the help of personal views and experiences that also influencing others welfare. This type of skill is useful fir the actions to be taken in the short period of time (Plant Stanton, 2016). Execution skills in stressful work situations- in this value the understanding and performing a various number of task altogether without hesitation and being any evidence for the faced difficulty is an attribute of a valuable employee. Performing multi task altogether effectively is a skill required to entry in aviation. Conclusion From the above disclosure, it can be concluded that Emirate is Dubai based airline operating in over more than 150 destinations and 140 countries. The above report shows that the customers care is the main motive that is being served by the Emirates. The skills and advancement to handle the critical situations were one of the human resource capital of Emirates. Out of 1650 candidates only 100 were selected as per the case study and finally only 45 effective candidates were short listed which were regard as the best appropriate candidates chosen after continuous 3 days of interview. The report also contains brief of 3 assessment tools specifically case study solving, grooming checking and small group interview which will help to hire the suitable employees. Emirates believe in hiring the best suitable employees after various strategic interviews in over various countries. Employing the right people is the motive. The recommendations in the end, states that the problem solving skill, c osmopolitan outlook, cultural assimilation execution skills, emotional intelligence and professionalism are the important values that one needs to consider while assessing value inventories. References Eklund, M. (2016). A Cabin Crew Quality Manual for ProffsAviation. Emirates. (2018).Find flights to Emirates destinations | Emirates.Emirates. Retrieved 8 April 2018, from Plant, K. L., Stanton, N. A. (2016).Distributed cognition and reality: How pilots and crews make decisions. CRC Press.

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Self-Evaluation free essay sample

When I was a little girl, I’ve always tried selling anything I could such as: baked goods, lemonade, and even homemade crafts. I’ve always loved meeting strangers and trying to convince them that whatever I have to sell is something they need in their life. I’ve also always had an interest in the creative side of marketing. I’d love to be the person deciding how to promote a new product that would please both the company and the customers. I’m researching both fields to help me better distinguish which career best suits me. Marketing Careers and Training. About. com. About. com, n. d. Web. 2013. While researching for information on marketing, the first site I chose was an article from About. com which my professor recommended. According to the article, the marketing industry is rapidly expanding and the needs of customers are constantly changing. Just knowing the basic principles of marketing will no longer suffice as a way to be successful. We will write a custom essay sample on Self Evaluation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Continuing to educate ourselves on the current strategies of marketing is a must. Before getting into the job requirements of a marketer, one must know if they’re meant for this position. Having a creative mind and being able to work well under pressure is important for a marketer. Marketers usually work directly with people which means they must be able to communicate with others. Defining the actual role of a marketer is difficult due to the wide variety of options to choose from. This article is meant as a general overview to give some insight for what a marketer is and some of the qualities they possess. The website even included several tips on how to land an internship. Not only was the information well-organized, it also linked the reader to other reliable sources if one wanted to continue their research on marketing. Career Overview: Marketing. Wetfeet. Ed. The Editors. Wetfeet LLC, 2012. Web. 29 Sept. 2013. Continuing my research on marketing, the next source I chose was Wetfeet. com. This article was another recommendation from my professor. Before getting into specifics, the article gave an overview of what a marketer’s job entails and some of the common misconceptions made by customers. Marketing is the strategic function between product development and sales. There are four components to marketing which include: product, price, promotion, and place. Based on whether the product is considered high-end or low-end, the marketing team creates a selling approach. According to the article, these are the responsibilities of a marketing manager. Upon reading this, I began thinking this was a job that I could possibly see myself pursuing. The article then goes into great detail about the requirements of a marketer such as having certain degrees and having sharp communication skills. Similar to the first article, wetfeet. com listed current job opportunities in the economy and the future growth of this field. Finally, the article concluded with the potential salaries that a marketer can earn. Thanks to this website, I have a better idea of what career within marketing that I want to research. N/A. Director of Sales and Marketing. Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM, n. d. Web. 03 Nov. 2013. While reading the job requirements of several marketing positions, the job of a Marketing Director caught my eye. Between 2010 and 2020, this position is estimated to expand by 13. 6 percent. At first glance, this job looks to be very demanding but I’m willing to put in the time and dedication required. Among the vast duties of a director, some include: developing product position and packaging, manages marketing operating budgets, monitors competitor product, establish relationships with strategic partners, and also evaluates market research and strategy to meet the changing market. Apart from their own job requirements, directors are also responsible for managing their staff and recruiting new employees. This position requires a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a minimum of five years of related experience with managerial experience. Marketing directors must be able to effectively communicate both written and orally. While this job seems to be very involved when it comes to the effort and dedication required, the payoff is worth it. The annual expected salary for a typical Marketing Director in the United States is $120,172. Ad Basics. About Advertising. About. com, n. d. Web. 2013. Switching gears, I began looking up information about advertising. About. com had detailed explanations about marketing so I decided to look up advertising as well and was not disappointed. Unlike the other two articles, this one began with what an advertiser is. The job of an advertiser can range from creating brochures and pamphlets to advertising online for businesses. Most people assume only creative people can advertise but this isn’t true. Copy writers, graphic designers, and art directors also work in this field. Moving forward, the website also contains information about finding a job in advertising and how to create a portfolio of work. There is no shortage of information due to the fact that the website links you to multiple other websites relating to the topic. I originally chose this website because I was interested in advertising but once reading more about the job I’m not sure if this is a suitable career path for myself. However, I did enjoy learning about adverting and what the job requirements are. Careers in Advertising Public Relations. Careers in Marketing. Careers in Marketing, n. d. Web. 30 Sept. 2013. Carrers-in-marketing. com had information on both marketing and advertising but I chose to read more on advertising since I already had a lot of information about marketing. The article gives some general background information about advertising and the types of skills that are expected of you. Being well-organized and having people skills is among the most common requirements of an advertiser. Creativity isn’t a make or break deal but it definitely helps and makes you stand out from other potential candidates. The article also goes into detail about the many job options currently available for people in the field of advertising. Similar to the other article about advertising, this website mentions making flyers, pamphlets, and banners for online business. If one wants to further explore advertising, the website gives links to blogs dedicated on providing information about advertising. Overall this website linked me to some helpful resources for even further research but I’m still unsure about this career field. After researching for information on both topics, I better understand the difference between marketing and advertising. Although closely related at times, advertising requires spreading the word about different products while marketing brings both merchants and consumers together. Once I read through both job requirements, I’m currently leaning more towards marketing because I already have some prior experience and I currently know people in the industry.

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Personal Response Essay

Personal Response Essay Personal Response Essay In the article, The Price of Happiness: Advertising and Image by The Center for the Study of Commercialism, states that advertisements are influencing what we perceive as valid roles for ourselves in our society. I agree with the statement, because I feel that the images that advertisements present affect the way people perceive normality and desirability. The article also states the concern of the relationship between the images presented in ads and our sense of self. This concern, in my opinion, should be taken seriously, because of the amount of unnecessary suffering of eating disorders, low self-image, and low self-esteem of Americans. The article also states that ads tend to present women and girls in limited roles focusing on their bodies, clothes, homes and the need to attract males. I agree that this is concerning because there are many valid roles for women such as in the workplace as professionals, leaders, law-makers, and business owners. Ads that tend to focus on an Anglo view only also provide a narrow view of the many different and unique images of beauty that are recognized as valid by society. Ads that promote only a very thin body type are presenting an unrealistic image to women that can create an obsession with looking like the women in the ads. I think it is important to present women and girls of all shapes, sizes and colors as beautiful because then women will have more realistic views of beauty and will be more satisfied with their self as unique and beautiful as well. Males as well are shown flawless, but with a limited view of masculinity and attitude. The limited images emphasize men as having power, physical strength, confidence, and dominance. I believe that the images may cause boys and men to think of natural human traits such as sensitivity, vulnerability, and compassion, as something regular males don’t have. As stated in the article, actors in ads tend to be handsome and athletic, which isn’t sensible. Those males who don’t have flawless complexions, athletic abilities, and don’t feel cool and confident may suffer when they watch these

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Income taxition law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Income taxition law - Essay Example Any household required to pay tax on gains that result from disposition of financial and real property2. Whether the gains are speculative, from business income or passive, from capital income, they are subject to tax. On the other hand, investors may make capital losses when the proceeds realised from asset disposal are less than the costs of asset acquisition. Capital gains are only realised when assets are disposed, and not when they are leased. From the information that is provided, the net capital gain for Chloe from the sale of shoe manufacturing factory premises is $1,570,000. This is calculated by subtracting the costs incurred in the acquisition of the factory premises from the proceeds realised from sale of the factory premises as shown. $ $ Selling Price 2,000,000 Goodwill 400,000 Compensation 60,000 Compensation 30,000 2,490,000 Purchase Price 800,000 Goodwill 100,000 Renovation Cost 20,000 920,000 (920,000) Net Capital Gain 1,570,000 The capital gains tax implication for this transaction is that only fifty percent of the net capital gains will be subject to capital gains tax because the factory premise was owned for a period of more than twelve months. Gains arising from assets that were purchased after 21st September 1999 are calculated using the 50% discount method3. An asset purchased and sold more than twelve months later is taxed on 50% of the gain while gains on assets held for less than twelve months do not qualify for an increased base of the fifty percent discount. Therefore, an amount of $ 785,000 will be subject to capital gains tax. There should be proper recording of the business transactions regarding the factory premises, commencing the date of acquisition to avoid paying more capital gains tax than necessary. There will be no benefit of small business concessions. A company whose annual income is more than $2 Million is not a small business. On the other hand, if the aggregate turnover for the current year is less $ 2 Million, then the business is a small business4. Capital Gain Tax Implications on PKY Pty Ltd An expense was incurred in acquiring the company, PKY Pty. There should be appropriate recording of transactions and costs associated with the acquisition and running of this company to ensure that capital gains tax is equitable. It is imperative to note any income that will is to be realised from rent is subject to tax. This is because rental income is subject to tax. Secondly, the retail business’ net proceeds will be subject to tax. In case, the aggregate income per year does not exceed $2 Million, then Chloe can benefit from small business concessions because the company will be categorised under small businesses. Capital Gain Tax Implications on Residential House The $800,000 residential house with $400,000 mortgage is not subject to any tax because all residential properties are exempt from taxation. Personal assets such as personal use assets, home and car are exempted from capital gains ta x. However, this does not apply to depreciating assets such as business equipment or fittings in rental property that are solely used for taxable purposes. To avoid payment of any tax there should be proper recording regarding the residential house cost. Also, the house should not be rented or be on more than two hectares of land, and must have a dwelling in it4. A dwelling is exempt from capital gain